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Monday Readings

The National Writers Union will be hosting a reading and open mic on Monday, January 20, starting at 6:00 p.m. in Tucson. Our featured reader this month will be Adrienne O’Hare, who will be reading from her novel, Sheol County Blues. It is a novel that “explores the lives of two victims of incest, the psychological violence perpetrated against them, and the resilient ability of the human spirit to survive, heal, adapt, and create friends and family newly.” Adrienne, as a crisis counselor for Child Protective Services and behavioral health therapist and art therapist in psychiatric units, has helped hundreds of incest survivors, addicts and mentally ill patients. She taught psychology at several local community colleges and also served, many years ago, on the NWU Tucson Steering Committee.

The open mic is for spoken word only, but is open to all forms of spoken word (fiction, essays, poetry, articles, polemics, etc.). So bring something to read!

The event will be held at the UFCW/PALF Union Hall at 877 S. Alvernon Way in Tucson. The building is on the east side of the street (opposite the Randolph Park golf range) and is a couple of blocks north of 22nd Street. There is ample parking. The room is on the first floor and we will have signs up to point the way.

Friday Morning Breakfasts

NWU Tucson Friday morning breakfasts will be on hiatus until further notice. Check back for dates. They take place at 9:00 a.m. at Laverna's Coffee Shop. The address is 220 S. Plumer, which is one block south of Broadway, on the west side of Plumer.

Steering Committee
Our elected Steering Committee members are Co-Chairs Keith Bagwell and Barbara Wright; Secretary Alice Whittenburg; and Events Coordinator Greg Evans. The Steering Committee usually meets on the first Monday of each month. Contact us at to confirm the date and location of the next meeting.